Deborah L Blicher

Radio producer, essayist

Sudbury, Massachusetts

Deborah L Blicher

We swim in stories.


Leap of Faith

The little boy I hope will become my son lines up his scuffed shoes on the edge of the sandbox, gauging the distance to the ground. It’s sixty degrees out, but like all the children I have seen in this Russian city, he’s overdressed to my American eye. Between his striped, knitted cap and puffy blue coat, I can hardly see his face.
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How My Church-Going Boyfriend Made Me a Jew

I started attending synagogue out of revenge. In the mid-1980s, while living in Texas, I abandoned a Ph.D. program. My research involved hours alone in the lab with a speech synthesizer, building and rebuilding single syllables. I hated it, but I resolved to finish my Masters project because I didn’t know what else to do.
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Rock Rock Boom

The little blond boy sits too still on the playroom carpet, his feet out in front of him like a doll’s. He stares vaguely at his sister, his cousins, and me. He should be crying. A minute ago I was in the kitchen, scrubbing peanut butter off the lunch dishes, when the cousins surged in yelling, “Misha hit his head!
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Taking Control By Giving Control

When my nine-year-old daughter Katya announced, "I'm done with homework for today. I'm going to play," my first thought was not, Oh, no you won't. It was, I am not going to nag her.
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Love lessons from a latrine

HANGING BY MY HANDS in the pit of an outhouse in rural Brazil, I ponder my impending marriage. I’m furious. Now 38 years old, I spent what felt like forever searching for a trustworthy partner. I found him, followed him here, fell into an outhouse, and where is he? Directing a clinic in another village.
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Deborah L Blicher

I have a deep knowledge of first-person written forms and a background in speech science. I construct stories that convey you through a landscape of new information.

Radio training:
Duke Center for Documentary Studies
Salt Institute, Maine College of Art

Graduate study:
MFA, Emerson College (creative writing)
MA, University of Texas at Austin (experimental psychology—speech perception)

Undergraduate study:
BA, Brown University (cognitive science—psycholinguistics)



  • tape syncs
  • recording
  • teaching
  • blogging
  • print editing
  • radio production